England’s Longest zip-wire, but backwards...

Based at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, the Bluewater zipline is only 40 minutes from central London by train.


100 metres above the ground, prepare to be suspended feet first in our superman style flying position. See the lakes and nature trail from a different perspective…

 Inverse is the closest thing to flying, get ready to cruise  backwards 724 meters at a cool 60mph, in approximately 45 seconds.

Activity Packages

Head to our Activity Packages page to see our adrenaline filled activity packages. They offer a discount over booking extra activities on the day of your visit.

What to expect...

Once you’ve checked in, you will head to our harnessing area where you’ll meet your instructors and get kitted up.

There’s plenty of time for the nerves to build yet.

We’ll then transport you to the dispatch tower to receive a comprehensive and reassuring safety brief.

You are now 70 metres above the ground, with your feet dangling over the cliff edge. Don’t panic, our experienced instructors are with you every step of the way. This is the closest thing to flying. So, get ready to cruise the best part of 700 meters at a cool 60mph. You’ll see the Bluewater cliffs and lake as they’ve never been seen before.

The Inverse IS suitable for anyone over 8 years of age, who also weighs between 40kg and 120kg.

Or put another way: it is NOT suitable for people under 8, under 40kg or over 120kg.

Under certain weather conditions, the minimum and maximum weight limits may increase or decrease. Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more up to date information or feel free to call us on the day.

Did you know we have a zip-line in Cornwall at the Eden Project?

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (18 ) on-site

InverseMin. age: 8 years
Min. weight: 45kg / 5 Stone 7lb                                                                                                                        (Please note that the minimum weight can be raised at any time for safety reasons)
Max weight: 120kg / 18 Stone 9lb                                                                                                                  (Please note that the minimum weight can be raised at any time for safety reasons)

Gift vouchers

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A Hangloose Bluewater Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for the adrenaline junky in your life. 

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