Largest Swing UK

The UK’s biggest swing!

Swing into space on this 50 metre MEGA cliff swing! This is outrageous! But, maybe you know someone who would love this as a gift – or maybe it’s you!

Senses have never been so heightened as you’re safely strapped in and suspended 50 metres above the cliff edge overlooking Bluewater’s stunning chalk cliffs and over the dazzling lakes and nature areas…

Enjoy the view, if you can, because before you know it, you’ll be leaving your stomach behind in a breath-taking 50mph free-fall back towards the Earth.

Whether you’re riding the giant swing solo or with friends, nothing is going to save you from the impending vertical drop ahead.

Riders will go from experiencing the grip of multiple G force to the weightlessness of zero gravity within seconds.

Warning – You may require counselling and a hug after this activity!